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'Just talking to teachers'

Naylor's Natter 

Naylor's Natter is an education podcast where my guests and I muse on the latest developments in education. We publish a weekly podcast in association with the Teacher Development Trust and sponsored by John Catt Educational publishing 

We also write regular articles for leading publications including TES, The Royal Society of Chemistry, Schools Week, SecEd and Teacher Toolkit

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Meet the team 

Naylor's Natter is very lucky to have an experienced team of educators to conduct our podcasts . Team TDT record the content for their interviews with a particular emphasis on CPD. David, Kathryn and Emma are our team of presenters bringing you a diverse set of interviews from all sectors of education . 

Content contributors 

David Weston 

Maria Cunningham 

Bethan Hindley

Michelle Barker 


David Weston 

Kathryn Morgan

Emma Turner 


To allow teachers from all sectors of education to have their voice heard . To discuss evidence, research and continuing professional development 

'Just talking to teachers'


Phil Naylor, Owner

Hi, I’m Phil, the founder of Naylor’s Natter in Blackpool, England. What started as a conversation with colleagues over the phone turned into an international podcast sponsored by John Catt Educational. I started podcasting using my iPhone about 18 months ago

I’m a Deputy Headteacher with more than 20 years of experience in education. As an expert in research and evidence-based practice with CPD, I have written for TES, Schools Week, and the Royal Society of Chemistry. I present regularly on conferences about CPD and behaviour. My podcasts feature people talking about John Catt Education as well as education in England and the US.

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